Ernesto   Aurignac


"A simply sublime maturity in his writing, with luminous soundscapes of a thousand colors."

Scherzo Magazine

"His highly personal aesthetic, introspective language, and inexhaustible imagination make to Ernesto Aurignac one of the composers who has astonished me the most in recent years."

José Algado, conductor

"I deeply admire the music of Ernesto Aurignac. His sound and compositional technique exhibit incredible creativity, virtuosity, sensitivity, and truth."

Jesús Reina, violinist

"Ernesto Aurignac possesses all the qualities necessary to be a great composer: imagination, boldness, courage, and an unparalleled aesthetic. All of these aspects are evident in his music."

Antonio Serrano, harmonica player

"The musical prowess of Aurignac is infinite. He is a force of nature, and his ability, inventiveness, and mastery are evident in his identity as a composer."

Marco Mezquida, pianist

"Aurignac's music is like his own persona: authentic, honest, frenetic, and thrilling. A visionary straddling the new and the eternal. A genius born to share his passion for music in his own voice."

Mario Ortuño, conductor

Ernesto Aurignac has written more than 150 pieces for various musical ensembles, premiered by the Gran Canaria Philharmonic Orchestra, Spanish Brass, Barcelona Municipal Band, Bilbao Simphonic Band, Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Band, and soloists such as Manuel Martínez of "Clarinet Players Barcelona," harmonica player Antonio Serrano, saxophonists Daniel Molina and Marta Romero, U Circle Breakers, Sedajazz Bigband, Clasijazz Bigband, Musikene Jazz Big Band, and several commissions for different editions of the FIAS in Madrid and for the Mano a Mano in Buñol 2023.

The sound of his music is a fusion of his influences and life experiences. Classical and jazz music provided him with a broad harmonic-rhythmic-melodic perspective that he uses in the search for his sonic identity, resulting in a unique and recognizable compositional sound.


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